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5/8 in. Leather Conway Adjustable Cross Body Bag Replacement Strap Choice of 4 Colors

$ 16.99

Strap features American Frederick Conway’s unique buckle first patented in 1878. The buckle's unique design holds the strap tight under great stress and will not give way. The equine industry uses these famous buckles for a variety of applications including adjusting the lengths of reins, bridles, harnesses, saddle gear and straps.



 The length you purchase may be shortened from 1 to 8 inches in length. For example, a 44 inch (112cm) strap can be shortened in 1 inch (2.54cm) increments to 36 inches (91.5cm) . Quick and easy adjustments are made by moving the strap – no unbuckling required. This unique buckle design locks the strap in place and it will not give way even with the heaviest bags.


Lengths: (Includes snap hooks)
36 inches (91.5cm)
44 inches (112cm)
48 inches (122cm)
52 inches (132cm)
(Custom Lengths under 52 inches available - NO charge)

Add a shoulder pad for only $8.99


  • Width: 5/8 inch (1.6cm) 
  • Glazed edges to maintain appearance & durability
  • Stain resistant Top Grain Cowhide Leather 8-9 oz.
  • Snap hooks fit rings up to 6mm in thickness 
  • Choice of snap hooks - Silver - Antique brass 
  • Snap hooks are removable

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