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Exchanges & Returns



Item(s) to be exchanged and received by ValueBeltsPlus must be in the original pristine condition, show no evidence of wear, damage due to improper packaging or abuse. Requests for exchanges must be made within 3 business days of receipt of item(s) ordered. No refunds or credit will be issued or made on any items received by ValueBeltsPlus for the purpose of an exchange for another item or product.

Exchanges may be made for another item with the exception of custom items. At the time of purchase, any request to change or alter the item listed is considered a custom item. Changes or alterations such as different hardware, leather color, change in length or any other modification made to the listed item may not be exchanged for another item. No item will be exchanged without the exchange code provided to you and included in the return address. Any package received without the exchange code will be refused by ValueBeltsPlus and returned to the sender. Please provide information as to what you want to exchange the item for (color of leather, hardware finish, length, width, etc).

Exchange fees include a $5.00 restocking fee per each item, return shipping fee and if applicable, any difference in price for a more expensive item. No refund or credit will be applied for the exchange of a lesser expensive item. Fees are invoiced and are payable within 3 business days. Non-payment of fees results in the item(s) NOT being returned to sender.

All exchanges are required to have a proof of mailing or tracking information supplied by the carrier. This is to ensure ValueBeltsPlus received the package.

We do not accept returns on any of our products. This policy allows us to remain competitive in the market place. We are a custom order shop, meaning each item is handcrafted for every order received. Returns and exchanges for a small business like ours are a total loss to us and threaten the very existence of a dying craft that we still practice. We hope you will understand.