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leather 1/4" stings bag, hoodie, jacket, hobo bag  purse drawstring

1/4" Leather Cord Lace Drawstring String Lace Cord Pull Boot Bag Pouch

$ 7.59

 1/4 in. (5-6mm) wide -  Use to replace any drawstring or cord for clothing, bags, hoodies, jackets, backpack, bucket/hobo bag......

                                    ONE TOUGH STRING


Width: 1/4 inch (5-6mm)
Top Grain Genuine Cowhide
Choice of 4 Colors - Black - Brown - Chocolate 
Length: 52 inches (132cm) plus

Cut from a 5-6 oz veg tanned leather hide - one solid length - NO manufactured/processed leather string here - Won't fray, weather resistant and made to last!

Ideal replacement leather drawstring or string for all types of bucket, hobo, pouch, backpack or sports bags. Long enough to tie a knot on the ends. 
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