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Leather Blanks & Strips - Finished and Unfinished

If you are the DIY type, experienced leather crafter or bag fabricator you will find an assortment of quality leather strips in a variety of colors, widths, and lengths. You can select a finished strip with creased and VBP's hand-glazed edges for a professional appearance or you can choose a strip you can finish yourself. We offer a selection of colors, lengths and widths to match your special project. 

You can choose from our top grain vegetable tanned cowhide leather (9-10 oz.) cut from finished double backs or from a selection of 5-6 ounce Chrome tanned leather.  Either is suitable for belts, bag straps, cuffs, bracelets, pet collars/leashes, or other projects for the LARP, cosplay and re-enactor enthusiast. A non-transferable dye permeates the leather making abrasions less visible. All strips have satin finishes and are stain resistant which helps maintain the natural beauty of the leather. Custom widths or lengths are available. Contact us for a custom item.