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If you need a quality, yet reasonably priced leather strip, strap or belt that is well made, stylish yet durable then look no further for a supplier. ValueBeltsPlus is beginning its 18th year in eCommerce sales as a USA manufacturer of quality leather products. Our handcrafted products are utilized by film, television and stage costume designers, stage set and interior designers, fabricators of all types of bags, the strap replacement market, the craft industry and by consumers upgrading to a quality leather product.

We offer over 100 styles of leather straps and belts. Our customers have the unique ability to personalize their purchases by color, length, width and the hardware finish that best meets their needs. Product collections include leather strips, shoulder straps for handbags/purses, adjustable and cross body bag straps. Specialty products include luggage and case handles; handcrafted belts; hand plaited straps; guitar straps, and other leather personal accessories. Services for strap replications and custom designs are available. 

Every item we make reflects our skill, extensive knowledge, and experience in and of our craft. We practice and maintain the time-honored heritage of leather crafting. Some of the techniques we use have remained unchanged for over 200 years. However, we do take advantage of advances in modern tanning, metallurgy and leather finishes to ensure our customers receive a superior leather product that exceeds their expectations

Our products are designed and made to be stylish yet durable with the satisfaction of our customers as our sole motivation.

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