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How to get the perfect fit on your cross body strap

Get the perfect fit on your cross body strap

 A common question we receive is:  “What length should I order for a cross body strap”?

 People vary in height, weight, body shape, and more importantly, where they prefer to wear a bag. Bag sizes and the amount of weight carried vary so it is important to get the right length balanced with  the correct strap width.

 Lightweight or Heavyweight

 First, consider the weight of the bag. This will enable you to determine the width of the strap. A heavy bag will need a wider strap measuring 1 inch up to 2 inches in width. Wider straps distribute the weight of the bag placing less stress on the shoulder and back making the bag easier to carry. Over time, leather can stretch slightly, wider straps reduce the amount of stretching. They are easier to grip thus giving you greater control…when needed…over a heavy bag. If you sometimes experience discomfort on your shoulder or back when carrying a bag you should definitely think about a wider strap. You may want to consider purchasing one of our shoulder pads as an add-on to the strap you order. 

Adjustable or Not

Adjustable straps are more versatile and can add a bit more security and control by bringing the bag closer to the body by shortening it. This style strap can also be lengthened when wearing bulky clothing such as a coat during winter.

 Get the Perfect Fit

 If you have a bag strap that fits you measure the total length, including snap hooks and order that length. Otherwise, we suggest tying a piece of twine or rope to one of the bag's rings/loops then place the other end of the twine/rope through the other ring. Wear the bag and adjust the twine/rope to where you want to wear the bag. Secure the twine/rope on the rings/loops. Measure the length of the twine/rope. Then all you have to do is select the length you want from the pull down menus in the listing. You can order a personalized custom length, if needed, at no extra charge...even if its a few inches longer. Contact us if you have questions.