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The Leather We Use

The leather we use is specific to the product. We use a variety of leather hides based on the product's application. We primarily use vegetable tanned top grain 9-10 oz. cowhide leather cut from finished double backs with a satin finish. This leather is ideally suited for use as straps, handles, and belts because of its durability, ability to maintain its original appearance and its abrasion-resistant qualities. It is tanned with eco-friendly vegetable matter such as tree bark, and other plant materials.

The weight, 9-10 oz., is the weight of one square foot of the leather. The thickness is 3/16 inches. Non-transferable dyes permeate this long-wearing leather allowing it to maintain its original appearance and finish. The backs (flesh side) are finished and smooth. This versatile leather may also be molded, stamped, tooled or embossed with tools designed for that purpose.

Our straps, handles and belts are made from a solid piece of leather which means there are no fillers sandwiched between two thin pieces of leather like most leather straps and belts available on the market today.

Quality and durability are important to us and our customers so we use double shoulders and double backs which are the best portions of a hide for the products we make. None of our products are pre-made. All our leather items are manufactured by us...all orders received are custom made for you and are usually shipped the same or next day. Contact us if you have questions or are seeking a custom product or modification of an existing one me make.