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How to Personalize Your Order

 Get the item you want!!!

Every item purchased is made to order and that means you have the unique ability to personalize your order. Most of our products allow you to change the color, type of hardware, length, width or any other custom feature you would like....usually without any additional fee. Select any of the following three ways to tell us what you want. 

1) The Checkout/Cart link allows you to leave us a note on how to personalize your order. To leave us a message use the "Note to Seller" link found during the checkout process. This works great for changing a color, different hardware or other feature like the length or width of a strap.

2) Contact us via email using the "Contact Us" link. This is the best way to tell us what you want in more detail like sending photos or links to a particular product or item from a website.

3. The instant "Chat" feature available on every page. This always gets the quickest response but it is limited to what information you can send. 

Your personalized custom made item usually ships the next day. Custom designed items are available for your special project or we can create your signature item for your business. Contact us and tell us what you need and we will provide a price quote. Our experienced and skilled technicians are able to provide you almost any type of leather product(s) you require.