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Distressed Antique Leather Replacement Handle Luggage Briefcase Instrument Case

Distressed Antique Leather Replacement Handle Luggage Briefcase Instrument Case



A premium quality leather handle that can be attached to any briefcase, bag,  music case, carry on or luggage piece that has a leather loop, metal loop or attachment plate. The hardware replicates most original handles.-

Choice of 2 finishes - Antique Brown or Antique Chocolate

The handle is over 1/4 inch thick and will provide years of wear.  Features the double thickness of 9-10 oz. top grain stain resistant leather. Leather dye is non-transferable. OEM quality and appearance!

Perfect replacement handle that fits a wide variety of music, instrument cases, briefcases and luggage styles.


  • Handle width: 3/4 in.
  • Leather length: 7 in.
  • Handle total length: 9 1/4 inches (Includes Screw set D-Rings)
  • Stain resistant finish
  • Non-corrosive screw D-rings (Silver nickel, antique brass and gold tone)
  • Dye is non-transferable  
    Custom Sizing available upon request

    IMPORTANT: Distance or span between attachment points should be 8 inches or less. The D-rings fit plates or loops that are a ¾ inch wide or less. Measure the width of the attachment plates or loops to ensure the D-Ring will fit correctly. 

    Simply use a Phillips head screwdriver to attach the D-ring to the luggage or briefcase attachment plate or loop. 
 finishes on the hardware available: * Silver * Gold tone * Antique Brass

Handcrafted in the USA by ValueBeltsPlus 

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